27 January 2014

Fashion has no horizons. All around the globe bloggers give us an insight into their wardrobes and lives. While here in the UK we are rocking our fur coats and over the knee boots, in other parts of the hemisphere bloggers are wearing shorts and cork wedges.

One of our favourite bloggers from across the pond is Daya, a Mexican fashionista that makes us giggle in Spanish and English. Every week she writes about the latest designers to follow, gives you tips to dress like a pro and makes you green with envy at all the fab parties that she gets invited to.

With a promising career ahead of her, lots of projects and a great reference in Latin-American fashion, it's a pleasure for us to chat with her to get to know her better.

Estilistas: What made you decide to start blogging?

Daya: It all happened by chance. I just wanted a space to write and share my point of view.

E: What would be your advice to someone starting a fashion blog?

D: To have a voice, be original.

E: What inspires you?

D: Travel and my love for fashion. Things that are unique, also inspire me a lot.

E: How is Latin-American fashion different from European fashion?

D: The weather and the body of latin women are very different from Europeans. We have to adapt the trends to our weather and body type. The industry in Latin-America is growing, but in Europe is already an established industry.

E: What are your favourite and least favourite things about fashion and blogging?

D: There is nothing i don't like about fashion, and if there was, like with true love i just accept it the way it is. My favourite things are the many options you have nowadays, the fact that online media has made fashion more democratic and available for everyone, everywhere.

E: What item of clothing do you think it’s absolutely necessary to invest good money in? And what can you get away with paying less for?

D: A good blazer, definitely necessary to invest good money in. It's not clothing but I invest a lot in bags, I buy one good bag once a year. You can get away with paying less for the "trendy" stuff. For example, if stripes are in vogue, just go buy a cheap stripe T-shirt, u don't need to invest a fortune in that.

E: There’s a giant sharknado attacking the city and you’ve gotta run away in a hurry. Which three items of clothing do you pack?

D: Coat, jeans, T-shirt... sneakers to run?

E: What is your favourite trend next Spring/Summer 2014? How are you wearing it?

D: Florals mixed with stripes in pastel colours. Also i like the collarless blazers in light colour and wide pants.

E: If you had to express your personality through only one outfit, what would it be?

D: Whatever with a hot blazer or jacket and to die for shoes.

E: What is next for Lamodaya?

D: I'm working on a TV pilot, also I've got lined up something very special as I'll be blogging for some magazines and a TV channel. And of course you can find me every day with new posts on my blog

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