Like a Boy

15 January 2015

If there's just one thing that we've learnt from the boys, it's that comfort can also be stylish. Some guys have the skills to throw a couple of things together without giving it much thought and still look like they just stepped out of the ASOS warehouse.

For quite some time now, fashion retailers and designers have sold us the phenomenon of the 'boyfriend' trend, but the one to thank is Coco Chanel who started this trend in an era where women were prisoners to their own corsets. Her revolutionary style was achieved with pieces that she stole from her partners: a Breton top, a hat, a cashmere oversized jumper.

Copy Coco, the true street styler, and borrow from your man's wardrobe. Don't worry, you don't actually need a real-life boyfriend to pull off the look (thank goodness). Check out some great pieces of 'boyfriend' wear that we have selected for you.

The Jeans

They exist in every colour and size and they flatter every body shape. Balance them with a fitted top and heels.

The Shirts

Wear the classic shirt a few sizes up from your normal size and wear the front tucked in your leather trousers or skinny jeans. If it's long enough why not wear it as a dress?

The Coats

An oversized coat will warm you up and look great with little lace dresses underneath.