My Little Parisienne Box Review

7 October 2014

I confess: I'm a former beauty junkie and also a bit of a sucker for little box treats. I am the kind of girl who marketers love. I have my beauty cabinets full of stuff I barely use, but I still keep on buying more.

So when I heard about My Little Box, I had to give it a try, under the reproving looks of my concerned boyfriend (I always complain about being broke, then I carry on fulfilling my self-destructive passion for shopping for things I don't need - save me!). Anyway, I signed up for My Little Box, a surprise package filled with a carefully selected range of beauty products, fashion accessories, personalised stationary and more. Sounded like a good deal! £14.99 (P&P included) for a box full of presents from Paris to me? Hell yeah! So while I enthusiastically bashed my card numbers into the subscription form I kept telling my boyfriend (and myself) "It will be a good review to do for the Estilistas!"

When the box finally arrived, I opened it like a little girl... it's not everyday that one receives a parcel from Paris!

My overall thought when I saw it was "ohhh sooo cute!" It is very well presented and well packaged. A perfect little ribbon keeps everything together and it feels like it really is a little present just for me... from me.

My little box


The first thing I see is "My Little Carnet," a cute(ye, I am going to say this word a lot) little notebook. The first few pages are an intro to My Little Box. Reading it, I felt like I was reading about a group of friends and this made me like it even more. The other stationary is a bunch of stickers to stick to your phone or laptop. To be honest, I thought these were a little bit childish and I would probably end up giving them to my 10-year old cousin.

My favourite stationary item is the laptop sleeve, made of a kind of scuba material with the cute illustration of the Parisian girl walking the dog. It fits my little Macbook excellently, so I am very happy with it.

Stationary Products

The beauty products come in a cute little pouch which contains a Laura Mercier's "award winning" Foundation Primer (which I already got a month ago either when I tried Glossybox or Birchbox). A great product to prepare your skin for foundation. If you're in a rush it will help set the foundation. It gives you an impressive natural glow and keeps the make up on for longer.

The Stylo Luminiere, from their own beauty brand, is one of those products that are useful and effective. I got a pinkish colour that fits my complexion perfectly.

My favourite product has to be the travel size Huile Prodigieuse by Nuxe. It's a great product to travel with as it can be used for hands, hair and face, or even to remove make up. It has a luxurious feel and smell, so this is a winner product.

Beauty Products


My overall feeling with My Little Box is very good. Everything has a very good quality and they really made a good selection of products that I will use on a daily basis (except for the stickers).  If you want to receive little treats in your mail box every month sign up here.