How to get beautiful eyelashes

11 November 2013

The perfect eyelashes do not just highlight the eyes and make your face more feminine and pretty: they also have their own natural function to look after the eyes.

Eyelashes are made of keratin scales. These scales are coloured by pigments ranging from light blonde to black. Like the hair or nails, eyelashes have their own growth cycle, although somewhat slower, and are usually renewed every five months.

Why do we want  strong and healthy eyelashes?

Strong and healthy eyelashes are not just desirable for aesthetic beauty, but they will help to: protect the eyes, shade/filter sunlight, and prevent any foreign matter from entering the eye such as dust spots or sweat.

Some basic tips to care for your eyelashes are:

  • Use mascara during the day (but don't leave it on over night)
  • Cleanse lashes with special products for eye makeup remover.
  • The best method is to clean lashes with a cotton with a small amount of special cleanser, make smooth and downward movements from the inside, out with great care.
A good way of moisturising our eyes and stimulating the growth of eyelashes is by applying ricinus oil (traditional castor oil) in the eyelashes before going to sleep.

The weakness of the lashes, like the hair, is often due to lack of vitamins and other essential elements. So, if you want healthy lashes, you need to incorporate more healthy food into your diet like fruits, vegetables and fish.

Fun fact: Blinking actually helps eyelashes grow. That's more than enough of an excuse to flutter your lashes at that cute guy