8 steps to pull off the best 'No Make-up' Make-up

4 February 2015

Remember when your social media was invaded with 'no make-up selfies'? It seemed like it was the beginning of something great, where girls are fed up with stereotypes and are embracing and loving who they are. Embracing their bodies, and their beauty, knowing that everyone is different, in fact everyone is beautiful, and what matters most of all it is to be gorgeous inside, so it can be reflected on the outside (since well, that is what people see, not that it matters so much).

Checking out the latest couture catwalks this week in Paris, I have realised that "no make-up" make-up is actually taking over! So here are 8 steps to follow to achieve the best "no make up" make up. Ok, it involves some make up, but that will be our little secret, ok?

  1. Moisturise and even out skin tone. Clean skin is the perfect canvas when doing the no make-up make-up. After carefully cleaning your skin, moisturise and apply a primer that will even out your skin and add luminosity.
  2. Foundation: it's best if you avoid foundation and use a tinted lotion to give your skin that sun kissed touch without the cakey look a foundation can sometimes give. These tinted lotions normally contain SPF so they will also protect your skin from the sun.
  3. An important part of the process is to conceal any visible breakouts like dark circles or red spots. The best thing to do is to use just a tiny bit of concealer with a small applicator to apply, dab and blend little by little.
  4. Dab some highlighter under the eyes, the lacrimal area, under the eyebrows, the cheekbones and the cupid's bow in the lips.
  5. Eyes: use a nude eye shadow with a touch of light to highlight them, and then apply a touch of mascara.
  6. Comb your eyebrows and if needed fill the gaps with a pencil the same colour as your eyebrows. If they are a bit 'all over the place' apply some vaseline to the comb before combing them so they stay in place.
  7. A touch of blush, something subtle like a peach colour for olive skin or a light pink for white skin.
  8. Leave the lips as they are, maybe apply some vaseline to keep them moisturised or use a natural colour lip pencil to add some shape and give them some volume.