Nurture your Skin with Zuzka natural ingredients

21 April 2015

If you have dry skin like me, you may have struggled to find the right moisturiser that gives your skin the nurturing that it needs. I am a firm believer in natural products. Nature is smart, right? So the less chemicals I apply to my face the better, but the sad truth is that not many beauty products are based solely on natural ingredients. So when I heard about Zuzka natural products, I had to give it a try.

According to their website their products are 'free from  harsh detergents, sodium lauryl sulphate, synthetic ingredients, parabens, animal ingredients or artificial fragrance', in summary, free from all those ingredients that are sneaked into most of the products we apply to our body which aren't potentially toxic for our health, but they will build up in our system, and who wants that kind of unpronounceable crap to make our bodies their home? Definitely not me!

The product I chose to try is the Royal Gold Nourishing Day Cream specifically for dry and mature skin. It's based on three key ingredients:

Royal jelly: the nutrient produced by worker bees for their queen bee. It has been said that Cleopatra used it to ensure that she was the most beautiful of them all.  This super ingredient contains multiple vitamins like A,C D and E that have powerful antioxidant, anti-aging benefits and it's rich in amino acids and minerals. All good stuff.

Vitamin E: as seen above, not only does this vitamin have antioxidant and anti-aging benefits, but also helps the skin retain its natural moisturisers and neutralise damaging radicals. If used before sun exposure, the skin will be less red and swollen. No wonder it's called the 'superstar' vitamin.

Orange Flower: a natural essence used by Marie-Antoinette to create her precious perfumes. Adds a citric touch that will wake up your skin and senses.

The cream is a natural little treasure full of vitamins that leaves my skin glowing and fully moisturised. Using only a tiny bit of the cream, it easily spreads all around my face and neck leaving a non-greasy moisture that dries quickly and a soft essence that I have started to be addicted to. It has quickly made me look forward to my morning routine.

Get your own pot of Nourishing Day Cream here to give your skin the lavish treatment it deserves.