How To Look: 'Off duty' model

3 February 2015

Is there anything cooler during fashion week than street stylers? Yep, 'off duty' models!  These masters of style are so used to wearing so much couture in their everyday lives that when they are off the catwalk they can't shake off that inner style even if they wanted to and their 'off duty' look is a particular favourite of photographers and us normal-leg size imitators.

How to do it

Study their attitude and get the few key pieces that will take you closer to look like you just stepped out of a Burberry Fashion show.
  1. Invest in a statement coat that you can throw over anything, it doesn't matter if it matches the rest of your outfit or not.  A big furry coat, a boyfriend coat  or even a cape are good choices.
  2. If you don't own a leather biker jacket, you NEED one! Save up your pennies and get good quality leather that will see you through many fashion weeks.
  3. A designer bag is a must. Flee from the logomania and get a bag that looks expensive without the big name all over it. A well made leather bag without extra hardware will still look expensive even if it's from the high street.
  4. Wear a cool pair of sneakers with your outfits. A pair of Dr Martens are also an option for the rock-hearted among you.
  5. Cuff your boyfriend jeans and wear them with some stilettos and a cool blazer for the office.
  6. Wear black from head to toe. Throw a tux blazer over your leather look leggings and you are good to go.
  7. A cool hat and bright lip is the best option for a plain outfit.
  8. Grunge up your maxi dress with an oversized knit cardigan and a few chain necklaces.
Mix and match these pieces with the rest of your wardrobe, the only key is to not overdo it: always remember, in this case, less is more.



Need some more inspiration? Check out this little gallery of some of our favourite off duty looks.