Orange is the New Black

16 June 2014

I have a confession to make. I am completely and utterly obsessed with TV. I am a firm follower of most series: Breaking Bad, Game of thrones, Girls, etc, etc. It is a sickness - as soon as I start watching one I have to finish all of the episodes, nothing in my life is more important!

Ok, ok, maybe I am exaggerating a tiny bit. But it can't be normal that the second season of Orange is the New Black just got released last week, and I've somehow managed–between the thousands of things I had to do–to finish it off. And now I'm sad... I miss the characters, I miss the drama.

This obsessive-compulsive part of my personality has inspired me to write about Orange, since it is such a big thing now.

It might not be the most flattering of all the colours, but it's certainly no fashion crime! It can be a great colour to add to your wardrobe. If the girls from Orange is the New Black can rock a bright orange jumpsuit while dealing with the horrible degradation and absurdity of fictional prison life, a little orange in your life can't go amiss.

Don't worry, you won't look like a prisoner (promise). Let me show you some of the most stylish items I found online during one of my obsessive searches. Embrace your inner fashion-criminal.