Introducing Penny + Outfit of the day

20 March 2015

How would you describe your style in 3 words?

Classic, Chic, Playful

Who or what inspires you?

My surroundings – people and objects. Last summer I saw a girl doing the ‘walk of shame’ wearing a large men’s shirt with a pair of court heels from the night before, and I thought ‘that is a really cool look’. An oversized shirt with a pair of courts is now a fave of mine!

What is your body shape and how do you dress accordingly?

My body shape is athletic/slim. I don’t have a big bust, or a defined waist, but I have long legs. So I like to show off my legs.
I wear A-line skirts a lot as these add shape to my figure. My shape is well proportioned so I can throw on most garments and they’ll look OK. However, high waisted jeans are a big no no! They look hideous on me!

Fashion faux pas?

Oh god… I regrettably owned a luminous pink lycra tube dress - Yes, it was as awful as it sounds! It was that tight you could see my underwear lines. I don’t know what I was thinking. Was I even thinking at all?!

One thing you used to wear but now you can’t stand?

Bodycon dresses. I used to really pull them off when I was 18, now I feel like a sausage roll when I wear them.

One thing you never thought you would wear?

Pom Pom hats. I hated wearing hats as a child/teen, but now I love fur pom pom hats! No other hats. Just pom pom hats! (I spend too much time in Chelsea)
One Spring trend you are looking forward to wear?

I’m loving the suede trend. It adds value to any outfit and it gives a chic finish to my look.

Tell us more about your look today.

First things first – the chic sunnies were worn because I was out the night before. No amounts of concealer could have covered my dark circles!

I love dressing to represent my personality and this outfit does exactly that!

The polo neck and trench coat create a structured look – and this explains me quite well. I like structure – aka I’m a control freak.

My trench is from Burberry – I couldn’t be any more English if I tried.

My BF jeans and animal print sneakers represent my relaxed and creative approach to life. I am very laid back when everything is under control.

My pink Mongolian bag – IT’S SO FLUFFY. It’s like carrying a dog.


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