Are you ready to take the plunge?

11 February 2015

My daily routine always involve having a fight with my hair brush, although made better since I discovered the amazing magic of the Tangle Tamer, but still somehow my hair grows at a scary pace. This is great when I have a good hair day, not so much on other days when all I want to do is borrows my boyfriend's razor and do a Britney.

So next week I am heading to the hair dresser's for a change. While looking for inspiration in the exciting world of Pinterest, (btw, you should follow us on Pinterest), I realise that the bob obsession has taken different forms: from short, cute under the ear, to longer bobs for those that want to take it slow - like me.

The Short Bob

An 'oh so cool' option for girls with fine hair. Will instantly add volume to your locks and make your neck look extra long.

The Short bob with Californian highlights

Want to dye your hair but scared of highlights? Use a camomile spray once a week only on the middle and tips to slightly lighten your hair. Camomile dries hair, so only use it for a few months until you get the right shape for your hair. Don't forget to nourish your hair every week with an oil-based mask like the miraculous Moroccan Oil.

The Long Bob

This is a great option of you have long hair like me and want a change, but not radical.

For an "easy" do, try the messy bed hair. If you have thin hair, use a salt spray after drying your hair with a towel, then use a hair dryer to add some texture.

Add a fringe if you already have a bob and want a change. A full fringe is better for a wide frame and big eyes, like Emma Stone.

A side fringe looks great in every frame and will give your bob a chic touch.

It doesn't matter what the colour of your hair is or if you choose to go for a fringe or deep side parting, look after your hair with the best shampoos, conditioners and masks (oil-based ones are best for dry and dull hair) and leave it out to dry if you can. Take some time each week to give your hair some real TLC and give your GHDs a break and kiss your extensions good bye.

We're seeing more and more that natural beauty is shining through (finally!), and it seems that gone are the days of a "mask" of make-up or fake everything. So remember always: less is best. Your hair and face will thank you for it!