Soap & Glory: Love at First Blush Review

5 April 2014

Soap & Glory Love at First Blush

  Boots Exclusive: £11.00

I discovered Soap & Glory cosmetic while I worked in the beauty department at Boots. This was 2 years ago, I haven't used another blusher since!

The colours blend beautifully and add a slight shimmer to your skin (dewy, not fairy princess). Plus it lasts all day!

The product its self last a while too! I believe I' ve only bought two of these in two years, and I use it daily!

The colours can be used singly (finger or concealer brush) to highlight and contour or swirled together with a duster brush to create a glowing blush of pink to your cheeks.

Here is how I use it...

 I apply my foundation using a brush for a flawless finish to my skin.

After applying my Soap&Glory Solar Powder Bronzo to marginally contour my face (below the cheekbones and along the bridge of my nose), with a small duster brush I then apply the blush.

Swirling the brush around the edge and into the center of the compact making sure I collect all the colours.

Do not sweep the brush across your cheekbones. this will create a harsh line which you don't want.

Instead dab the brush gently across your cheek starting at the apple of your cheek and moving in a upwards direction towards the top of your ear.

I finish off my look by using Soap & Glory Archey eyebrow pencil to define my brows and Soap& & Glory Thick and Fast Mascara to lift, lengthen and darken my lashes.

A touch of natural coloured lipstick and your good to go.

But dont just take my word for it,

here are some reveiws from other Boots customers

  • Love it! Good visible colour - don't have to put loads on in order for it to be noticeable. Looks good swept over Solar Powder too - multi dimensional colour! Wouldn't normally pay £11 for a blush, but I love S&G and know their products are good quality, will do what they say and will last
  • This is a fab product!! It is great to use in the day and night. I use this everyday and it is reasonably priced too!!! I would recommend blend all the colours together to get the full effect. Thanks Soap & Glory!!!! :)
  • Wow - what a great blusher! I have 'Celtic' skin that is VERY pale in the Winter, but tans easily. I've always had to have different blushers for the different seasons as a 'golden glow' in the Summer can become 'Coco the Clown' in the Winter. This brilliant set up lets me vary the shade to flatter, whatever time of year.It is easy to apply and blend on the skin, leaving a natural glow.Just buy it!
  • I am a lover of everything SOAP AND GLORY! When I herd there was a new cosmetics range launching I knew I had to have it all!! this new product was as good quality as I had hoped. It felt amazing on my skin, looked amazing and even smelt amazing. (as all of the products do!) I recommend it to anyone, even those with sensitive skin like mine will love it !!!! 1000/10!!!
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