3 Spring Trends to Try without Breaking the Bank

26 April 2018

As the temperatures increase, the hemlines decrease! With Spring finally arriving, we are very excited to finally wear spring trends. The Spring trends we love at Estilistas are polka dots, blazers, and straw bags. These spring fashions are easily combined and can be transitioned to summer!

So, don’t put away your fall blazer just yet! When combined with denim cut-offs and a plain black or white t-shirt, your tired blazer can be rebirthed into spring. We love versatile pieces, and this menswear-inspired look is figure flattery and great for any color, cut, or style of blazer that is already in your closet! But wait! The best part is with this fall trend keeping momentum, the fall and winter blazers will be on SALE. Take advantage of this on-trend style and hit up your local Zara or search the ASOS sale bin and see what treasures were ignored!




If you tend to get too sweaty and blazer aren’t your thing, you will love the fun and function of a straw bag! This accessory will take you from spring to summer and all of the beach holidays in-between! With multiple shapes, colors, and sizes you can find a perfect straw bag for you. We love this because you can buy one from Topshop to Debenham and any shop in-between. You can even sneak snacks and have a mini picnic, we won’t tell anyone! You can pair it with jeans or dresses with wedges or mules without looking out of place. Here’s a little stand-out tip: wrap your silk scarf around the handle to add an extra touch of color and style to your look!

We are predicting this will be a HUGE trend for summer, shhhh! Try it out and be the first of your friends, but you heard it here first.



Polka-dots aren’t for the dogs anymore! With fun colors and sizes, the polka-dot is the pattern of spring. Whether you wear it as a dress or mixed pieces, polka-dots are flattering. Watch out for proportions with body shapes, but if you’re nervous, try a polka-dot kitten heel or mule to test the waters. We guarantee you will come back for more. We love this trend because it is immensely chic, and when paired with a solid bold color like red, blue, or green you can’t go wrong.



If you’re ready for the challenge, you can easily combine all three trends for a full on spring fling! For this, focus on the polka-dots on the bottom portion for a trouser or dress and the blazer being in a fun color, avoid browns unless coincide with the polka-dot color. When you add the straw bag, ensure the bag isn’t too large to clash with the polka-dots. Good luck and be sure to share your outfits with us on our Instagram! We love to see your inspirations and looks!