Spring/Summer Wedding Attire

9 May 2014

Wedding season is nearly upon us!

Here is a quick guide of outfit ideas for your loved ones special day.

Mother of :

For the mother of the bride or groom you’re going to be in focus (through a lens quite literally) most of the day. A wedding of your son or daughter is the bringing together of families: your own and the joining of another. Therefore you will want to dress to impress!

To be sophisticated but not overly formal keep your dress/skirt calf length.

Berkertex £120, Very

Depending on the colour scheme of your loved ones wedding, a light monochrome mix is always safe.

Kardashian Kollection £70.00 Very

Or a pastel colour is very suitable as it comes into the spring summer time.


Definitions £69.00, Very

A long length looks very formal, but a calf length is more fitting for spring/summer season.

If you chose a long dress try to keep the colours soft as dark will look too much like evening wear.


Female relation -30 - sister, cousin, step sister:

If the sister of the bride you might have the luck of being a brides maid which will mean the stress of picking an appropriate dress isn’t yours to burden!

If not, don’t fret!

The key if you've still got some youth left in you is to pick something formal yet playful. A skater dress in a light colour.


Little Mistress £60.00, Very

Or if you want to be daring (with permission of the bride of course) colour blocking is a trend that comes along very spring/summer

Definitions £49.00, Very

This pale pink number is fun and young. With a killer heel or summer sandal it can be dressed up to formal yet fun attire.

Older Female Relation:

A more conservative look,

A calf length skirt or dress would be appropriate.

Savior £39.00, Very

This pattern is formal and the pleats are on trend for spring/summer.

A skirt suit and hat combination would also work, add in a pretty pattern so it doesn’t look so corporate and keep the colours light.

Bekertex £99.00, Very

Other family/friend or +1

A simple formal dress that fits with the feel of the day. Most cuts and lengths will be acceptable, its personal choice and depends on the day arranged.

For choice of colour: neutral or pastel. Unless the wedding has a theme colour then try to stick to a colour that is close too or mixes well.

Lashes of London  £72.00, Lipsy £65, Lashes of London £60, Rare £49.00, Very


If you’re already wearing a dress suitable for a day into night do then not to worry about changing. However if you feel your outfit is too formal or you want a dress swap, here are some options;



 You want to change your dress to something more low key but still elegent and this K E Y dress will steal the show.

KEY £495, Very

You might want to go for a cocktail length but still want to ooze elegance


Frock and Fill  £145.00 ASOS

Or maybe white just ain't right for your reception

In that case, stick with a pastel colour to compliment you spring/summer wedding and go for something like this simple yet special coast maxi dress


Coast £84 ASOS


Female Relation -30 sister,cousin, step sister:

If you’re attending a wedding thats going go on until the early hours of the morning, and you plan to stick it out you’ll want a dress to suit the party mood your in!

This Little Mistress dress is perfect for the young and fun

Little Mistress £48.00 ASOS

or this Forever Unique open back embellished pencil dress

Forever Unique £165.00 ASOS

If you want something a little less sparkly, perhaps go for  a bold statement colour.

Lipsy £55, ASOS

If light or bright isn’t your usual thing and you want to feel more comfortable opt for a black lace for a formal evening look with an edge.

Karen Millen £180 ASOS