Street Style at NYFW Spring 2015

9 September 2014

September is an important month for the fashion industry. It marks the beginning of a new season and that brings with it the cult of Fashion Week! Four fashion cities - New York, London, Paris and Milan - will be bubbling with fashionistas, editors and celebrities coming from all over the globe to get the first insights into what we will be wearing next Spring/Summer. The end of a glorious summer with the prospects of more festive fashion and new creations that will make our hearts melt and our purses scream.

Not to be ignored though amongst this parade is the catwalk of trends and style that we see in the streets of these fine cities firsthand as bloggers, editors and fashion enthusiasts strut around in their most daring styles looking for photo opportunities.

As New York Fashion Week is on right now, we've rounded a few of our favourite street looks from the Big Apple.

A few trends seem to repeat themselves: striped silky trousers, all-white and statement dresses.

But what about London Fashion Week? What will be on the streets there? Well fear not as the Estilistas will be there to show you!

Shop the look here: