Styling tricks from the catwalk - Miu Miu Autumn 2023

30 August 2023

This new autumn/winter season we are slowly moving away from the perfectly choreographed quiet luxury aesthetic to a more authentic, filter-free and slightly dishevelled look, thanks Miu Miu!

It’s all about the gal who has stuff to get done, and places to be, who has to make her looks work for walking the dog to work to drinks after or whatever her busy lifestyle dictates.

Down the runway, we saw cosy turtle necks and chunky hoodies layered under pea coats and worn bottomless (maybe she was missing her train!) or with the version, we can all relate to, skin-tight leggings (yes skinny trousers are back!) and trainers or embellished flats for the fancy ones. Little preppy cardigans were worn with knee-length pencil skirts, delicate sheer skirts and dresses balanced with oversized leather jackets.

A game of juxtapositions: feminine vs. masculine, oversized vs. slim fitting. But one thing clearly stood out, the miu miu girl has NO TIME for the perfect girl aesthetic she is as real as it gets, just ‘#woken up hair’, ‘#didn’t-have-time to put on my contacts’ her hashtags.

As real as it gets.

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