Below 0°C? Time to sort your HSG trio!

19 January 2016

For the days when it's so cold you might die, sort out your HSG (hat, scarf, gloves) trio and beat the cold in style. We present you with three different HSG trios that will keep you warm and add a bit of flair to your look.

The 'Always cold' girl

Living in your own personal fridge 24/7? Not anymore!
  1. The Classic Pompom hat
  2. The fluffly scarf
  3. Suede gloves



The 'too Cool for the cold' girl

Won't ever ruin an outfit with fluffy accessories, or will you?
  1. The Matador hat
  2. The fringe scarf
  3. The colour gloves


The Boho Babe

Say hey if the '70s are your spirit year.
  1. The metallic turban
  2. The fur scarf
  3. The lux gloves