24 February 2014

Because we know how important it is to feel good on the inside (as well as looking good on the outside), here are some essential ingredients for that extra healthy diet. These ingredients are called "super foods" because they are proven to add nutrients and vitamins to a healthy and constant diet.

They are ingredients that you can easily buy in most good supermarkets. But if you're stuck, check your local herbalist or even online. There are no excuses not to eat properly!

  • Wakame : the secret of the Japanese. This edible seaweed is usually eaten in salads and miso soups. A compound found in wakame can help burn fatty tissue and it's also used in tropical beauty treatments.
  • Açaí : Açaí berries are very similar to blueberries. They have many benefits, including being high in vitamin C and fibre, they also lower cholesterol, and prevent skin from ageing. But the best thing about açaí berries? Their texture and flavour. Açaí smoothy anyone?
  • Carob : "the new chocolate." It's a sweet pod, which can be used to make flour for light pastries. It's a great substitute for chocolate. Simply dry enough pods in a saucepan, crush with pestle and mortar until you have a similar consistency to cocoa powder. Then simply add milk or water.
  • Chlorella : It has been called the "green gold". It is an algae full of proteins, vitamin B and iron. It acts as a cell regenerator and has the ability to detoxify the body. One of the most complete super foods.
  • Chia : These seeds have become very popular lately due to their high level of fibre, antioxidants, calcium, protein and omega-3 fatty acids. It has a satisfying effect so they are included in many diets. A spoon of chia seeds with coconut oil will give you a boost of energy in the mornings.
  • Gomashio : another treasure of Japanese food . It's a mixture of sea salt and sesame. Perfect to sprinkle over rice or salads.
  • Sesame seeds : These seeds are six times richer in calcium than milk and they contain five times more protein than meat. Do we need to say more?
  • Matcha Green Tea : is the purest form of green tea. You can infuse it as a tea or include it in delicious cakes, pies, cupcakes and ice cream. All the antioxidant benefits of green tea in its natural state.
  • Quinoa : they call it the food of the gods. This pseudo-cereal helps heal over twenty conditions: tonsillitis, colds, wounds and bruises among others.
  • Stevia : The new healthy and low calorie sweetener. Can also be used in cases of hypertension.
Make sure to add all of these super foods to your shopping list for a healthy diet and lifestyle.