The Edgiest Spring Streetwear Vibes

3 April 2018

While spring always gives us an opportunity to take out our floral skirts again, most of us are looking for something a little more unique to slip into and walk down the street. After all, we want our fashion to excite us and make us stand out in the crowd, so it’s not just about finding hot new trends from the runway – it’s about picking the ones that suit us and work for our aesthetic. If you’re looking for something a little edgier, a little more fun to rock this spring, we’ve got a few trends that you can try.






Yep, athleisure is still going strong and for all of those who complain that leggings aren’t real pants, fashion has one thing to say: they are now! Isn’t that cool? Comfort comes before all, and sportswear is one of our favorite things because it’s so easy to combine with street fashion. A pair of leggings and a leather jacket is no longer an unusual thing to see, but now we have an even funnier, comfier trend that Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner have been showing us how to pull off: the dad sneakers. These ugly, chunky sneakers are actually the cutest thing in the world if you know how to style them right. A denim skirt, a pair of dorky socks, and dad sneakers all paired with a sweet little crop top and a denim jacket. It’s retro, it’s trendy, and it’s perfect for fashion queens. 

Coat and boots pattern matching



Trench coats and rainy days go really well with rubber boots! For the ultimate fashion statement, pair your coat with your boots, but make sure that not only the color matches, but the pattern as well. Burberry print coat and boots? Yes please, we’ll have some of that. Streetwear used to have a very hip-hop vibe to it, so this little trick is a great way for those who prefer a more haute couture, modern version of the style.

Kaftans and layering



Layering is always going to be the easiest way to make an outfit more interesting, but you have to be careful and keep the look complex, rather than busy. Just piling on random garments won’t cut it, so our solution here is to coordinate both fabrics and colors. For example, a solid black crop top paired with a funky, colorful kaftan over it can work really great, especially if you combine them with distressed denim and a vibrant lipstick. We’re loving kaftans for this season, they are the perfect layering garment, so experiment a bit with patterns and find something that works with your style.




Legs for days, gals! Show off those toned thighs in a microskirt and tall boots, and enjoy the way it elongates your figure and makes you look like a true runway model. Don’t feel like wearing a microskirt on bare legs? That’s cool! Pair it with crazy tights. And we do mean crazy and colorful, especially because slipping into something as fun as striped tights is very much punk rock, and frankly, a lot easier to pull off than you think. If you don’t want to go overboard keep the rest of your outfit in solid neutral shades, and then let the pop of color offset your cute microskirt.

Vinyl and PVC



Your umbrella isn’t the only thing that can have that cool, plastic look. Vinyl and PVC materials are in again, and finding a pair of pants with that glossy, alien finish is just so futuristic and bold. This trend has actually been around for a few seasons now and designers seem to really like experimenting with it, so now might be the time for you to do the same. One of the more interesting things you could do is use a very simple getup: white button-down shirt and a pencil skirt, but make sure your skirt is made of black vinyl. A little sassy, and a whole lot of edgy going on in that look!

Waist Belts



Wear it over a blouse or over a dress, but wear a big, chunky belt around your waist and enjoy your hourglass figure! Cinched waists are back, and the trend gives you a lot of very easy options to glam up any outfit, from your coat, to a simple white tee. If you want to push it further you can always wear an underbust corset, but belts are one of this year spring’s main accessories.


Thought of any outfit ideas that you want to try? Then have fun and let your street fashion get edgier this spring!


Article by: Claire Hastings fashion editor at Dolce Placard.  Follow her on twitter