The undeniable style of Jacob Elordi

23 January

The irresistible allure of Jacob Elordi's fashion choices, both on and off the screen, is trending (understatement right here!). We all want to dress like him, we all want to be him... really. ⁠

Despite consisting mostly of basic items, his outfits exude confidence and charm. ⁠

But what is his secret exactly?⁠

Comfort is key

My favourite thing about him (aside from his perfect cheekbones) is that he always looks so comfy! Whether he's attending red carpet events or running errands, he often opts for relaxed and comfortable clothing. You'll often find him in well-fitted jeans, cozy sweaters, and classic sneakers. Elordi's ability to make casual attire look effortlessly stylish is a testament to his fashion sense.

Embracing minimalism

Move over Jared Leto, we are here for Jacob Elordi's keen minimalism. It's very unlikely you will see him going overboard with flashy fashion choices (ejem Jared). Instead, he leans towards minimalism, favoring simple and timeless pieces that exude sophistication. His wardrobe consists of neutral colors like black, white, gray, and navy, which allows him to mix and match effortlessly. This minimalistic approach to fashion reflects his commitment to timeless style.

Smart tailoring

While he may gravitate towards casual and laid-back outfits, Jacob Elordi knows the power of well-tailored clothing. When the occasion calls for it, he can effortlessly pull off a tailored suit or a crisp button-down shirt. This balance between casual and formal wear showcases his versatility as a fashion figure.

Accessories on point

Accessories play a crucial role in Jacob Elordi's fashion style. He often completes his looks with subtle yet impactful accessories like watches, bracelets, and sunglasses, and don't forget the bags! That Bottega Veneta moment, one for the history fashion books.
If only Joey hadn't given up on his 'man-bag'.


Staying true to his style

What truly sets Jacob Elordi apart in the world of fashion is his authenticity. He doesn't conform to trends just for the sake of it. Instead, he stays true to his personal style, which is a refreshing approach in an industry that often dictates what's "in" and what's not. Elordi's authenticity resonates with everyone that wants to scape from those manufactured aesthetics and embrace on their personal style journey.

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