Trend Report: Get Ethnical

13 May 2014

Minimalist fashion? Forget about it. For the eager travellers and lovers of colour there is a trend this season that cannot be missed. I'm talking about the ethnic trend.

Many designers played with this idea during their shows, from Chanel's tribute (even if they didn't really appreciate the gesture) Native American-slash-cowboy inspired Dallas fashion show, to Valentino's Roman motifs and luxurious embroidered dresses.

Make this trend yours. Be inspired by your past or future trips. Use those treasures you found in that amazing bazaar in Morocco or that necklace your friend brought you back from Thailand. Mix patterns and colours, brighten up a plain white shirt with plenty of colourful necklaces and a tribal bag.

We've searched the (online) world for you, so pick your favourites and add some spice and life to your wardrobe.