What to wear if you are an apple shape

16 January 2018

Dressing for your shape is very important when searching through clothes. Bodies are all different so it is better not to get too fixed up in wearing certain shapes, or avoiding others, it is about knowing what is best for you and overall what makes you feel good.

So if you consider yourself to be an apple shape, you are most likely well-proportioned - when you put on weight you carry this around your mid section (tummy and bust), your waist is normally the same size as your hips, so not very defined. Some examples of stunning apple-shaped celebs include women like Jennifer Hudson, Drew Barrymore and Kate Winslet.

1. A Wrap Dress

Your secret weapon! A versatile dress that will create a waistline and show off your gorgeous legs. Choose prints that are small to avoid adding volume. A low neckline will enhance your bust. Wear with knee-length boots this AW and add sandals when the weather starts warming up.

2. Fitted tops and straight trousers

Choose tops that are tight around your waist area and fit properly around your tummy, not too tight, not too loose. Show off your arms and décolletage with interesting sleeves and necklines. Wear trousers that have fastenings on the sides and avoid detailing around the waist. Straight or slightly flared are the best shapes for you.

3. Skirts and blouses

Apple shapes can definitely pull off mini lengths, go for skirts that are A-line and avoid too much detailing around the waist, if you want to go for prints or ruffles it is better if this starts below the belly. Go crazy on the top half, wear ruffles that will draw attention to your arms and show off your shoulders.