Wedding Diaries: The Fun 'To Do' List

2 August 2016

So... I'm getting married! HA! It all came as a bit of a surprise... nah not really. I have a sixth sense for when people are planning things behind my back, and I see it coming, Especially because my boyfr– er, fiancé (excuse my French) and the group of friends we went to Greece with couldn't be more obvious. Of course I acted oblivious to everything and surprised when asked among wild goats on the top of an abandoned castle in a charming village in Kefalonia. It was romanticly natural and easy going , just like us. But enough with the cheese, now I've got a wedding to plan! Thank God for all those precious hours wasted on Pinterest.

There are so many to do lists out there to follow, so many tricks and tips from super organised brides-to-be, but like Sinatra I'm going to do things my way. I'm hoping that by keeping a little diary of everything step by step it will help me to stay organised and constant about it and just stop looking through wedding gowns that I can't afford, focus my energy on finding the right choices and prepare a wedding that will make my Pinterest board proud.

Here's my current to do list. It'll probably change along the way and I will add (a lot) more things once some of the more important stuff is out of the way, but the first priorities are these:

  1. Bridesmaids: who and how to ask?
  2. Where and when?
  3. Guest list, be ruthless!
  4. Ceremony and venue
  5. Save the date and invites
So from now on, every week I'll be sharing my little wedding adventures. If you care to join, me watch this space!