Wedding Diaries: The Bride Squad

27 September 2016

This is the first fun part of the wedding 'to do list': ask my closest girls to be a big part of our special day.

How to pop the question

There are plenty of ideas on the Pinterest/Etsy universe, but to be honest the majority were either way too out of my budget or too unicorns and rainbows for my taste.

I wanted something that would make them laugh and hate me a bit, so I got in contact with a great ebay seller who handmade some paper bags with a funny but slightly inappropriate (just like my girls) question "Would you be my BITCH, bridesmaids". Inside I added one personal gift, a small bottle of Prosecco or wine, some chocolates, and a matching bracelet to wear on W-day.

I also added a little notebook with some rules for being my bridesmaid that I made up, like: "A good bridesmaid will hide the bride's running shoes in case she intends to be a Runaway Bride," or "When the bride starts acting up, a glass of red wine or a G&T always helps."



When to pop the question

I organised a very girly garden party: lots of cupcakes, flowers and pink G&T in teapots. It all started cute and soft, but ended up with some of us (ahem!) raving on top of the garden furniture while others sent silly snapchats to the world, just like they intend to do by the end of my wedding... (what have I done!?)



What's next?

Dress shopping! I always had clear in my mind that I din't want to make them wear a dress picked by me. They are all different - different styles and body shapes - so we have agreed that they are each going to find a dress that is great for them (following the style and colours of the wedding, of course).



We are attending a Bridal Show this weekend to try on some dresses and get some ideas. Keep an eye on our Instagram, @estilistasuk if you're also planning your wedding, I will be posting lots of fun and inspirational images!