What to wear on a date

13 February 2017

Love should be celebrated every day of the week. There is always a reason to remember that love for your family, your awesome friends, your cute pet, or that special person that puts up with your ups and downs.

But it is February, and we all know what that means: for some an excuse to cry over their singleness, for others to buy expensive gifts and go on overpriced dinners.

Whatever you are celebrating, dress up, go out and enjoy every minute of it!

  1. You are doing an anti-valentines date with your girls: who needs a man when you have your besties around? Wear pink, but ironically:

  2. You are having an overpriced dinner with your significant other: dress up for him/her and for yourself, obviously:

  3. You are staying in and watching a movie with your pet: Netflix and chill at home with your favourite being, but in style, of course:

  4. You are going to your parents for some constructive criticism: they love you, you love them, but the annoying questions and criticism are just part of their nature. Embrace them with doses of attitude - outfit-wise, I mean: