What to wear to an event without having to buy something new every time

2 May

If you're gearing up for a wedding, a work event, or any other gathering this season, you might be wondering, "What do I even wear?"

Often, the solution isn't purchasing an entirely new outfit but rather looking anew at what's already in your wardrobe. Perhaps you own a stunning dress that simply needs some updated accessories, or a sleek suit that, with the right styling, could make you look as though you've stepped out of the pages of Vogue.

Here are some suggestions on how to breathe new life into items you already own.
But if you are stuck with inspiration, you can always book a consultation with me to help you style those gems I'm sure you already have in your wardrobe.

A suit

You might have a suit in your wardrobe you only wear for important work meetings or a bright coloured suit you once bought on a whim because your favourite influencer told you to buy it.

This can be the time to give it the suit a fun chance!

Wear it with things you wouldn’t necessarily wear with a suit, like a pair of embellished flats or a statement evening bag. You can even skip the top and just buttoned your blazer showing your décolletage, wear something very simple like a silk cami top or something very outrageous like a ruffled strapless top.

It's not Easter, but I am wearing my pastels

I mean business in the dancefloor

Florals for spring... groundbreaking!

The versatile slip dress

A slip dress is timeless, embodying minimal elegance and understated luxury.

But its true charm lies in its versatility. Think of it as a blank canvas, offering endless possibilities to either dial up your creativity or embrace minimalism.

This adaptability makes the slip dress a sustainable choice since you can create numerous outfits for various occasions while still feeling uniquely chic and alluring.

The new boho

Minimal luxe

Mermaid vibes

The fancy skirt

You might have a cute skirt somewhere deep in your wardrobe that you barely wear because it’s too fancy. Well it’s time to make her the protagonist of your summer events.

A lot of times the best way of looking stylish is to avoid being too obvious. For example pairing a fancy skirt with an equally fancy top.

Step outside the box! Experiment with colours, textures and shapes to take your lovely skirt out to party.

A lot of metallic

"Yes, I made this skirt of a curtain"

**If Barbie shopped at Zara

Zara skirt