What's your fashion uniform?

15 April 2020

What's a fashion uniform? It's as simple as a combination of clothes that you wear over and over, your blueprint, a failproof formula that defines your style.

If you think about it, women that we see as succesful and stylish have a fashion uniform. Anna Wintour in her dark sunglasses and extravagant suits and dresses, Kate Moss in her skinny jeans, blazers and high heels, Michelle Obama in her stunning bright coloured dresses.

Finding your fashion uniform will help you rediscover your style and get a wardrobe that makes sense. It will make it more simple to get dress, to find clothes that really suit you. It will avoid impulse buying and achieve a more sustainable approach to fashion. This is why many women, specially those super fab celebrities choose to work with a stylist who can coach them in how to wear the right clothes to express their personality and fit their lifestyle.

Having said this, some people don't identify with just one general style or look, they tend to change depending on their mood. If you feel like that, then is about embracing your mood and chamaleonic style. But these questions might help you navigate those 'style moods'.

So, how you can find your fashion uniform?

1. Who are your style icons?

We are generally inspired by our surroundings, people that we know, that we see on social media or TV. And like our personality evolves through time, so does our style! Define who you admire, identify why you like their style and then just make it your own by keeping your eyes out for other forms of inspiration like art, culture, travel, that can make your style unique.

2. Write a list of your likes:

Write a list of 3 things you always wear depending on the season, your must-haves, what you always go for when you are stuck in what to wear.

For example:

For Winter: jeans, cosy knits, a blazer.
For Summer: floral dress, floaty blouse, cotton trousers.

Do the same with accessories to be even more specific. Sometimes inexpensive items can really make an outfit feel fresh and on trend. For example I love buying vintage earrings or brooches to make a high street outfit look more expensive and different. A great place to buy vintage jewellery is at Trendlistr.

3. Write another list of your dislikes:

Then, write another list of what you really don’t like to wear, not your style at all!

It doesn’t have to be limited to 3 things, the more specific you are with the things you don’t like, the quicker you will find out what your signature style really is.

So, for example, it can be:

High heels, pencil skirts, yellow.

This is a great way of staying true to yourself, don't be overly influenced by trends and others, it doesn't matter if neon colours are everywhere at the moment, if you hate them, don't wear them! Your outfit should always "spark joy", and this only happens if you stay true to yourself and your personality.

4. Ask yourself:

How is your wardrobe reflecting your style?

This is where you go to your wardrobe and do a thorough detox, check this video for tips.

Be ruthless, less clothes and clutter will help you create better outfits, looks that reflect who you are.
While you are organising your wardrobe, take time to try everything on, to create outfits and take pictures and make notes of items that you need to buy to perfect your fashion uniform. Pinterest is a great source of inspiration for this!

5. Think about your lifestyle:

And what you wear all the time.

How can you introduce pieces that reflect your style in your everyday routine? How can you make a boring workwear outfit have your signature? Maybe with a silk scarf? A pair of statement earrings?

Once you have realised what’s really your style, then you can start introducing it into everything you wear. Do you like a particular colour a lot? Or do you like adding a fun touch with accessories? Do it all the time! No matter if it's to go for the school pick up or out on the weekend.

6. Shop with all of the above in mind:

Now that you know what's your fashion uniform, keep this in mind next time you go shopping, remember that in your personalised shop you can find items specially selected for your style, budget and body shape so we are already helping you with this!

Need help finding your fashion uniform? Contact me and I will be happy to assist!