Yellow: How To Wear It Now

13 January 2017

OK, fair enough if when you saw the title of this post you thought automatically that I am a bit crazy, you might be right! Yellow is not the most conventional of colours to choose to wear during winter. I don't know about you, but when I wake up in the morning (still dark outside) without having prepared my clothes the previous night, I always tend to reach to my comfiest jean and knit jumper combo.

But hear me out! Beyoncé predicted it when in Lemonade she sported that gorgeous Roberto Cavalli dress in mustard yellow. Also it's been studied by a lot of very clever and very stylish people (proof here) that yellow is going to be big next season, and as Leandra Medine wrote on this very interesting post, sometimes the only way to get through winter is wearing a bunch of summer stuff right now.

So here are my 4 ways to wear yellow in winter:

  1. This padded jacket has to be cooler cover up to wear right now, mix with black and cool trainers for a season ready outfit
  2. Add a dash of yellow with this pair of flat loafers made for being admired!
  3. Going out tops are a thing right now, so forget about black and wear yours in a shade of ochre.
  4. Go all in with this trend by investing in a dress that will work now and next season. This stunning embroidered dress from ASOS perfection!