You Need White Trainers in Your Life

2 February 2015

I remember it like it was yesterday. I was about 12 and my mum got me these shiny white Adidas trainers. She regretted it instantly. She knew (and didn't stop reminding me either) that they "won't stay that spotlessly white for a week" and that I had to 'look after them if I wanted to get more shoes in the future.' (But get more shoes I did! Only 12 and I was already addicted to shoes. Thanks mum.)

So here I was trying to keep them spotless, taking big, safe steps like I'd just stepped onto the moon. Still, mum was right... they didn't stay white for very long at all!

We're in 2015 - the year self-tying Nike's from the future should be gracing our feet - but it's all about those white trainers again. Fashionistas and street stylers are fed up of blisters and foot-ache after walking around town being all fashionable in their uncomfortable (but gorgeous) Louboutins. First were the Runners, then the New Balance in flashy colours, then the freestyle Reeboks, now it's all back to basics, a classic pair of Stan Smith's, white Converse or if you dare Nike Air Max.

It's an "antiglamour" trend that is going totally mainstream, because they go with anything and everything. They're cheap and easy to find and, most of all, they're comfortable and won't make you want to cut your feet off after wearing them!

Why are you still reading this!? Go get your brand new white trainers! Here are some looks of our favourite street stylers to help you get into sporty white trainers mode.