Your Fashion Hub

30 June 2020

We believe in truly personal style and our goal is to simplify the process of getting it by helping you understand the power of your inner style and dressing to enhance your silhouette. To help you cultivate the confidence and well being that the right clothes can give you.

We are so happy to have members from all over the globe, all different, all beautiful. We want to help you to explore your style, to fall in love with it. Keep up with the latest trends without losing your identity. Have confidence that the clothes you buy are right for you, your finances and the planet.

Conscious Shopping - your personalised shop

There's no two ways about it - fast fashion is hurting our beautiful planet. It's more important than ever to really consider how the clothes that you buy are going to fit with your lifestyle and with the other pieces in your wardrobe. You don't want to be contributing to those huge piles of waste.

Online shopping allows you to think a little more about your choices: you can add to cart, leave it there and think about it for a while, go back to your wardrobe, plan some outfits that you can wear with that specific piece, go back and buy or remove it. It can help reduce the 'impulse buying' in store that so many of us are guilty of.

I know, there's pressure when you're in a store: a commission from your purchase could make a difference to that well-intentioned (often underpaid) sales assistant; 'I will just buy it and try it at home'; the music, the colours, the vibes... it's all intended to make you buy buy buy. Your in an environment that's programmed to get into your purse.

When you shop online and try the items at home you are in your environment, comfortable, with a clearer head (well... wine). You can still ask your flatmate/husband/girlfriend/mum to give you their honest, even brutal opinion. You can take pictures, try outfits, feel the love or lack of passion for the piece.

We encourage online shopping as a way of shopping consciously. Look for clothes that you will wear over and over, and most of all that will make you feel comfortable, confident and happy.

We've spent the last year or so creating your personalised shop with that very purpose in mind: a selection of stylist-approved items to match your budget, style and body shape. Items are regularly added and we'll keep you updated when we've got new stuff for you to see. We're even giving you inspiration for how to wear what you see.

Your personalised shop is always evolving and our vision is to make it into more of a fashion hub where you will be able to chat to your Estilistas stylist, keep notes of your own wardrobe items, plan outfits, find hidden gems and even swap your unwanted items with other members. We've got big ideas!

In the meantime, please enjoy your own personal fashion shop and be sure to contact us if you need any help.