The Best Way to do your Online Shopping

Don't you ever feel that shopping online is just so time consuming? Scrolling past thousands of items that aren’t for you, trying to find those few that will make a decent outfit together... in just the right size and to suit your style, shape and budget? Ain't nobody got time for that!

Welcome to your new favourite Style Box

Let Estilistas do the hard work for you! Combining a concierge service and an online personal shopper in one, our Style Box offers you a simple one-stop shop for buying online:

  1. 1. Apply

    Complete our Style Box questionnaire. Your Style Box only costs £149 (plus the cost of the items you keep).

    The brief questionnaire helps us to find out more about your style and your needs. Once you've completed this and paid the fee, we'll be in touch for the next steps...

  2. 2. Consultation

    We want to get to know your fashion needs the best we can so that we can recommend the right products for you and provide a fantastic experience. We can do this via email, phone, FaceTime etc, whatever works well for you.

    During this brief consultation we'll talk about your style, your body shape, your budget, what sort of clothes you like, any upcoming events you need outfits for, etc. We'll even look at items you already have to see if you have some hidden gems that - with some inspiration and advice - you could put to good use.

  3. 3. Outfits

    Once we know exactly what you need, we'll go away for a few days and pick out some outfits just for you, keeping as close to your budget as possible. Once we've prepared the outfits, we'll send you all the details. You then need to let us know which outfits you like and we'll order them for you and get them sent to you.

    Heads up: We'll send you the bill for the outfits and you'll need to pay for the items you want to try so that we can buy them and send them to you. Don't worry, we'll stick to your budget and refund you for any valid returns. We'll send you all the details as necessary.

  4. 4. Complete satisfaction

    Once you receive your items, you'll need to check everything is ok. If there are any problems, let us know immediately.

    If everything's ok, try your outfits on. Whatever you're happy with, you can keep and enjoy wearing! You can even tag us in your beautiful Instagram stories if you like.

    If there are any items that you're not completely happy with, pack them back up and let us know that you don't want to keep them. We'll then schedule a collection and give you the necessary instructions, so you don't have to think about sending multiple packages back to different shops - just a single return.

And that's it! Sound good? Yep, we agree. So... are you ready to let one of our professional stylists pick your next outfits and send them to you?

PRICE: £149

Get your Style Box

Please note that our Style Box service is available to UK customers only at this time.

Refunds may be reduced by up to 10% of your total budget, which goes towards insurance, garment handling and care. The actual amount retained/refunded to you will depend on how many items you return and their condition.